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Disinfectant Steamer Product Overview

The disinfectant steamer can produce a disinfectant with a concentration of 1200 mg, which can effectively kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc. Works against polio-virus (including: prevention of polio, avian influenza, sexually transmitted diseases) , hepatitis B, cholera, typhoid and other viruses have a good killing effect; and do not produce chlorinated compounds with carcinogenic, mutagenic, etc.,

This equipment produces the safest, environmentally friendly, hygienic and healthy substitute in the world’s recognized disinfectant.

Applications for Disinfectant Steamer

Fruits, vegetables, tableware, homes, offices,restaurants, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, beauty salons, pets, bath centers, toys, bleaching, bleaching

How to use: soak, wipe and spray. Effective sterilization rate reaches 99.9%

Disinfectant Steamer Technical Parameters

Product number V 9 voltage 220 V *50 Hz Rated power 200 a Product  capacity 2 Liters

Working hours:  5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes

ImpIementation of the standard GE4706. 1—2005GBA706. 19—2008



  1. Pour 2 L of tap water into the disinfectant manufacturing machine and pour 12g of salt into the water.
  2. Connect the disinfectant manufacturing machine to the power supply. At this time; the electric trace light is on, accompanied by a short beep.
  3. At the touch of a button, select the concentration item (low concentration, medium concentration, high concentration) to be produced. The corresponding working time is 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes. When the production is completed, there will be a short beep. Sounds
  4. The disinfectant can be used after the production is completed; the method can be found in the method listed in the manual.

5. After use, the disinfectant can be stored in a liquid storage bottle, and placed in a cool place, generally can be stored for about 30 days

6. Temperature tips: disinfectant is recommended for current use


  1. After accessing the power supply, please do not touch the water in the machine with your hands to prevent electric shock.
  2. After the system is finished, the power plug should be removed, and the disinfectant in the pot should be injected into the liquid storage bottle. The remaining one should be used in time, then the pot should be cleaned with water and dried to extend the working life.
  3. Do not add salt to the pot and do not work for a long time, and do not store the disinfectant after electrolysis in the pot for a long time.
  4. If there is unfinished disinfectant in the storage bottle, tighten the cap and place it in a place where children can’t touch it and avoid it. A label should be placed on the liquid storage bottle to indicate that the sodium hypochlorite disinfectant and storage start time are stored.
  5. Do not drink the disinfectant. After each use, make sure there is no disinfectant left in the pot to prevent children from coming into contact and shorten the service life.
  6. The disinfectant has an oxidation effect on the metal, and the metal ware should not be used to store the disinfectant. If the metal ware is directly disinfected, it should be rinsed with water immediately after disinfection and then wiped clean in time.
  7. Disinfectant has bleaching effect on fabric, please be cautious in colored or dark clothes. Do not soak the silk or the dermis.
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